We raise finance

We help construction businesses and property developers raise finance to support growth and complete projects.

Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured business loans provide a fast capital injection into your business.

Invoice Finance

Free up cash from invoices that are owed to your business to improve cash flow and inject working capital

Asset Finance

Found a piece of equipment that could add value to your business? Asset finance can help you purchase this. You can also free up cash that’s tied up in existing assets owed by the business to provide working capital

Acquisition Finance

Are you looking to buy a company? Whether you’re looking to buyout your boss so they can retire, planning to buy in to a company to run or you’re looking to make strategic acquisitions to grow your existing business, we can arrange the right finance.

Secured Business Loans

Backed by security such as a property, secured business loans allow you to borrow larger amounts of money.

Bridging Loans

Short term facility, backed by property, used for acquiring a property fast or for releasing cash to renovate or refurbish a property

Commercial Mortgages

Want to own your office or work premises? Or looking to a buy a unit to rent out to other businesses? We can help with this.

Development Finance

Funding land and/or construction costs for building projects