Funding for Construction Businesses

Running a construction business is not for the feint of heart and comes with a lot of challenges. Finance can be one of them.

While there can be obstacles when it comes to getting finance for your construction business, most of them can be overcome.

What challenges could I face?

A lot of lenders don’t understand construction. This can lead to them declining your application without truly understanding your business. Lenders that do offer can often be overpriced.

As construction specialists, we get to know your business in a lot of detail and present your funding requirements to our lending panel.

Here’s what we can arrange:

  • Unsecured loans – up to £250,000.
  • Asset finance
  • Invoice Finance
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Property Development finance

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we could help your construction company growth with sensible financing, please fill out our form below.

Construction Finance

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Our Customers – Case Studies
See how we’ve helped other construction businesses

£300,000 invoice finance line to help a general contractor improve cash flow and take on new business

Unhappy with their arrangement with the bank, we were approached by a general building contractor to help them find an invoice finance facility to help them smooth their cash flow, so they could confidently plan and forecast their business, pay staff and subcontractors on time and take on new clients, comfortable in the knowledge that the funds would be there to help them fulfil the work.

Construction Project Finance

£120,000 business loan to help construction company grow

We arranged a £120,000 business loan for a construction company to help them grow and refinance some other expensive business loans. This freed up cash flow and reduced the overall cost of borrowing.

£100,000 invoice finance facility to help commercial door and windows company ease cash flow pressure

An Essex based commercial door and window company needed to quickly change from their previous invoice discounting company and required a facility that offered the flexibility to pick and choose the invoices they’d like funded quickly, while they were free to wait for those less urgent invoices. This allowed them to control their cash flow and pay staff, subcontractors and VAT bills on time.